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pure and simple

We craft luxury for year round comfort


Filled with ethically-sourced Australian duck or goose down and feather, made in cassette and channel style for the perfect sleep.


Tailor your comfort with various feather and down combinations and size compositions, ensuring supreme relaxation and support.

Mattress Toppers

Designed with a single-stitched box pattern, keeping filling in place for exceptional comfort. Corner straps for easy attachment, and a snug fit.

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Premium quality - every product, every time.

Ethically Sourced

Feather and down by-product sourced in Aus

Australian Made

Handcrafted in Melbourne by real people since 1934

Quilt Rejuvenation

Don't replace it - rejuvenate it! We offer expert cleaning, casing replacement, and top-ups to restore your bedding's comfort and quality. Sustainable for your pocket and the environment.